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The Goddaughter by Melodie Campbell (2012)
The Goddaughter by Melodie Campbell (2012)
by Melodie Campbell (Twitter.)
Publication Date: September 1st, 2012
Publisher: Raven Books (Imprint of Orca Books)
Edition Read: E-book gifted by author for TLC Book Tours

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Stolen jewels, a cross-country chase, and a reluctant mob goddaughter make for a whole lot of laughs!

Despite her best efforts to lead a law-abiding life, Gina Gallo cannot quite escape her mob family. Since she’s a certified gemologist, Gina has become a key player in the family’s gem-smuggling operations. Now she has met a great guy, a reporter named Pete, and she’ll do almost anything to keep him from discovering her shady side. But when a gem delivery goes awry, Gina has to take Pete along for the ride.

My Thoughts:
The Goddaughter was surely a rapid read at 134 pages and seemed like the perfect light, funny read to balance out the pile of post-apocalyptic reads I’ve been devouring lately–unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy The Goddaughter as much as I hoped. I’m afraid the short length might have ruined the book for me. For much of the book I was thrown in an unrelenting whirlwind of action and not quite enough character development to make me invested the the story.

I already knew that The Goddaughter was supposed to be short, and wasn’t expecting a deep story or complex characters, but I wanted more than just two gorgeous, sexy people jumping from one random place to the next. The story moves FAST, I was at chapter two before I began to grasp what was happening. Eventually I gave up and just believed whatever the author threw at me: Toronto? okay. Wait, they are back in the states now? If you say so.

I know Gina, the protagonist, was supposed to be snarky and funny, but I found her too impulsive. She easily steals the spotlight from Pete, which became just a guy that Gina dragged along. He was cute, but that was there was no depth. I’m not even sure what his background is, except he’s supposed to be the perfect guy. The only time that might’ve been funny was when she compared on Pete’s scent to yummy bread. I hope it was a joke and she wasn’t serious. Overall, if you are looking for a no-brainer, pick The Goddaughter up. There was a lot of action, so if you are looking for a fun read, this might be your thing. But for me, the story fell short as unmemorable.

Rating: C++

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