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Weigh in Wednesday

Weigh in Wednesday is a weekly meme, hosted by Lauren at Epilogue, and is a interactive, discussion meme.

When you’re trying to read, but you can’t find a comfortable position. -9GAG

Weigh in Wednesday #10: One book at a Time vs. Reading Multiple Books at a Time
Currently, I am reading two books “at the same time” because my TBR pile is too humongous, and there are so many books I want to devour before my summer break ends. Okay, that’s only part of it…it’s because the review book I have an obligation to read is not as intriguing as the “leisure” book I want to read (aka. I need to escape from being bored out of my mind.) I usually stick a “schedule” where I promise myself to read at least one chapter of the not-so-intriguing-review-book, and then I can have free reign over reading my leisure book, like a reading reward system. It’s my way to assure that I get my review obligations, while not driving myself crazy. And don’t get me wrong, the review book really isn’t that horrible, in fact I’m quite liking it…just that I need a breather in the midst of the angst, and poignant emotions. I try really hard to finish a book, even if I’m not liking it, and reading multiple books helps me still enjoy reading–it’s how I got through reading Hemingway and Faulkner for American Literature. If I dislike both books…well, I guess I will just add in another book. I’ve read that reading multiple books also makes you read faster, but I prefer not to think about my sluggish reading speed. How in the world are some reviewers churning out book reviews like batches of cookies?

However, I usually don’t need multiple books when I am reading a tense, heart-pounding thriller; a light, “fluffy” romance; or a YA novel. Usually, I stick with one book at a time if I can get through the book without an emotional breakdown, or wanting to hurl it out the window; I hate to leave books half read and I will try my best to finish every book I start. I feel proud of myself when I see my stack of “finished” books–and then I donate them because I need to make space for new books.

For me, reading one or reading multiple books mainly depend on my review schedule, the emotional angst in the book I’m reading, and if I’m liking the book.

What are your reading habits? Do you prefer reading one book or multiple books?