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The Story Siren‘s In My Mailbox meme: for book bloggers to share their book haul from the week, or month…or whatever.

I haven’t done a book haul in a long while, especially since my reading and blogging time has dwindled with college, and thus I’ve tried to control my book intake. BUT TODAY IS SPECIAL. BECAUSE TODAY I FINALLY BOUGHT HOME THE BOOKCASE I MADE FOR SCULPTURE CLASS LAST SEMESTER (but my professor kept it for display purposes until now.) Which would’ve fit more books if I wasn’t so lazy and only made it half size. Don’t look at it too closely, lest you want to catch all my mistakes. WOODWORKING IS HARD STUFF. Excuse the poor lighting, but it’s actually a retro, cream green. It’s also supposed to be shaped as a television set, because reading is my entertainment…is that too cheesy? I know I should’ve had added some stubby legs, made the borders thicker, added a glass pane, etc. etc. So onto the books I’ve added to my bookcase over this past month!
Got your own book haul? Link me up! I would love to drool over your goodies!