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Here’s John Green to make this blog post that really isn’t about books into a blog post that looks like it’s about books! If you didn’t know (seriously, have you been living under a rock?), John Green wrote The Fault In Our Stars, which is probably the YA bible of 2012. I would probably also say it’s a wonderful book…if I had actually read it. But since I didn’t, let’s just pretend I did. Hey! In my defense, I do own a copy…[insert brilliant, convincing excuse here]

As much as I don’t want to break my book review streak with this blog post, I must…because I am going back to school in less than nine hours. With school back in session, I’m afraid I won’t have nearly as much time to read and blog. Instead of long sleepless nights spent cuddling with a novel, I anticipate long sleepless nights of studying, thesis writing, project making (the toils of being an art major), and coffee drinking. For the first time in months I will actually know what date it is, and precisely how far away I am from the weekend!

And because of John Green‘s An Open Letter to Students Returning to School (I embedded the video above), I will work hard to ace ALL THE TESTS (or as least as much as I can, let’s be practical here). Not because I’m Asian and it’s in my blood, nor is it because I’ll be entitled to bragging rights (though that is pretty spiffy), but because I attend a public university that is partially subsidized with tax money. So because you invested in my education, tax-payers, I will try not to become a poorly educated, stupid person and ruin your lives. You’re welcome. Unless you happen to be running from the IRS, then I suppose all bets are off and I am free to ruin your life.

Unfortunately, I will have to go back to enduring three hour bus rides, which would actually be a great reading opportunity–if I didn’t have the tendency of falling asleep on buses. Since I can’t read 90% of the time without dozing off on buses, I decided to try something else. I have my IPod armed with Chris Colfer’s The Wishing Spell (The Land of Stories, #1) and my earphones plugged in, determined to give audiobooks a try again. My first foray into audiobooks a few years ago with Stephanie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn didn’t fare so well. I thought the reader was way too slow, and I fell asleep around the part where Bella panicked about being pregnant–to this day I still don’t know how Breaking Dawn ended, but whatever.

On a random note, I painted my nails for the first time in a long time today. But I found this hot pink nail polish I received as a Christmas gift two years ago and couldn’t resist. My dad saw my painted nails and told me “Cut your nails, only people who have nothing better to do have long nails.” I won’t listen to him, because dads know nothing about sparkly nails. I’ve refrained from painting my nails because I gave the last of my nail polish remover to my sister.

I learned the hard way not to paint nails without nail polish remover from that one time I thought it was cool to paint my nails white. Not a good idea. My nails ended up looking like white-out–chunky, disgusting white-out that made me want to flip a table. Then I proceeded to desperately scratch out the ugly polish off my poor nails the rest of the day. I still don’t have nail polish remover, but I Googled, and apparently body spray works. Finally, I can use that old-lady smelling body spray my aunt gave me!

Fudge, now I only have seven hours left! ZZZZZzzzzzzz