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Weigh in Wednesday

Weigh in Wednesday is a weekly meme, hosted by Lauren at Epilogue, and is a interactive, discussion meme.

When you’re trying to read, but you can’t find a comfortable position. -9GAG

Weigh in Wednesday #13: Adult fiction vs. YA fiction
Don’t care. Just give me an interesting plot, well-developed (believable if not likable) characters, thought-provoking themes, and I’ll be sold.

That just sounded like I avoided the question. I read a mix of both Adult and YA fiction, and I am leaning towards YA. I suspect it’s because as a 19-year old, I am technically still in my “teens.” YA fiction is generally much more fun and easier to read. I can relate to the teenager character more than the adult character suffering depression, marital problems, or the loss of a baby. Those things are foreign to me. Generally, adult novels are filled with more emotions and angst as well; so I often read a YA to “take a break” from the tension. However, I feel the more philosophical, thought-provoking books fall in the Adult genre–even if often emotionally draining. And horror is better not censored for YA, just sayin’.

On a separate note, I can’t get into middle-grades anymore.

What are your reading tastes? YA or Adult Fiction?