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Today, something AWESOME that I’ve waited a while for came in the mail: a signed finished copy of Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness along with two All Souls Trilogy inspired perfumes sent by Penguin Viking. I was pleasantly surprised since I was expecting an ARC, not a finished copy. And damn, it looks GORGEOUS! I admit, even though I didn’t like A Discovery of Witches to the point I wanted to throw it across the room (don’t worry, I didn’t because it was a library copy), I am still very much tempted to read Shadow of Night now with its lovely cover (a big step up from A Discovery of Witches‘s cover for sure.) And it being signed makes me feel so special…I am so easily won over.

I was even more excited to find out the perfume was supposed to be Diana and Matthew’s scents. Now I can finally smell what Diana and Matthew are so obsessed with! Conclusion: Matthew smells better. But really they both smell kinda like Axe body spray. But he is supposed to smell like the undead–that makes me question my perfume tastes. Now the question is: if I rub Diana’s perfume all over myself, will I attract a super rich, super handsome vampire to be my eternal soulmate?