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I hope to you see you again in working condition!

Last month my laptop crashed on me, so I sent it back to HP for repair (thank God it’s still in warranty.) I have to resort to my old desktop–just how did I survive off 1GB RAM a year ago? Whenever I have three programs running at the same time, my computer starts lagging big time. Now every person I watch on YouTube is stuttering, and every song I play turns into a remix.


And because my laptop’s music collection was lost after its crash, I set out to hunt for good music to replace my lost collection.

I had Jhameel’s The Human Condition album on my IPod for a while; his smooth voice is like melted chocolate. Then I found Jhameel (جميل)…singing drunk–with Spongebob Squarepants underwear.


And I fell in love with his voice again. Honestly, I think I might like his voice better drunk than sober. Now, I don’t know how to critique vocals (even though I am classically trained in piano.) Every time I watch American Idol or The Voice and the judges start raving about contestants, I am like, “Oh, that guy just sounds average…” But I know this guy makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Oh, and he is supposed to be some really smart guy who can speak five languages and graduated with honors from UC Berkley in two years with an Arabic degree (who in the world studies Arabic?!).

Apparently he sings drunk for every 1000 Facebook likes, so of course I went to Facebook to like him, for the sake of hearing him sing drunk again. The best part is, you can download his music for free–legally–off his website.

Excuse me while I drown in his euphoric voice while devouring a good book.