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This place only looks nice at night, or up in the mountains.

I came back from my month-long vacation in Hong Kong last Monday, and being at home, sinking into my comfty bed, never felt so good. During my vacation, I’ve been stuffing myself with cheap dimsum everyday; Only in Hong Kong can you buy a bun for a quarter. But the weather was atrociously humid, nothing like the nice weather here in Hawaii. To make matters worse, I was stuck with a fever, and hives for the first week. And the mosquitoes wouldn’t leave me alone. I must have some tasty, exquisite, foreign blood. Mosquitoes are smart creatures, they know just how to annoy you by humming in your ear–I wanted to hide under the covers, but it was so hot. I make pretty good mosquito bait.

I brought a lot of Pocky as souvenirs (even though they aren’t even “Chinese”..but it would be difficult to bring home dim sum). Who knew they had Mango and Green Tea flavored Pocky? (I like Green Tea slightly more)

And there was about thirty packages waiting for me to open, twenty of them were books, and the others were makeup, swag, etc. And if that wasn’t enough, I recently won a Big Box of Awesome from Tiffany over at Book Cover Justice…and she wasn’t kidding when she said it was a BIG box of Awesome because I have never gotten a more AWESOME package…ever. I don’t think I was as excited when I got my Kindle, or my laptop. But it was TWENTY-EIGHT books, all stuffed into one BIG box (it was so heavy my mom thought it was some machine). Many of the books where books I’ve been dying to read, and one book I’ve already read: Moira Young’s Blood Red Road–but it was still awesome because it was the paperback version, which had a kickass cover compared to the bland hardback. So during my month-long absence, I’ve received FORTY-EIGHT books. Ok, I think I will be a hermit and read for the rest of the year.

I would take pictures, if I could muster the energy to dig for my digital camera. Now I need to work off those pounds from cheap dim sum and Pocky.