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Cake I found on Pinterest. I don’t know how much food coloring, artificial plaster went into this…but that’s one epic cake. I want to light it on fire.

It was my 19th birthday yesterday two days ago and I am already feeling old, like I need to go and buy bottles of anti-aging serum–especially the ones that claim you will look ten years younger. Looking like a nine year old sounds pretty spiffy to me. Nineteen just sounds miles away from eighteen. At least at eighteen I would still be high school age, but nineteen just sounds like I should be working at some clothes store over the summer and filing taxes. I seriously need to know how my peers can balance a job on top of full-time college, because why do I seem to be in a frantic state of mind every time finals roll around, and adding a job on top of it…scary. Is everyone a cyborg or am I just too lazy?

Look 10 years younger you say? Challenge Accepted. NINE YEARS OLD, HERE I COME!

And then I checked Facebook, and got loads of “Happy Birthday” messages from “friends” (many of them acquaintances I barely know) , which were nice, I guess. But I just knew at least half of those people didn’t even remember my birthday, and they were just acting out of Facebook’s notification system. I guess I shouldn’t be picky, but I rather strangers didn’t know I was on my way to being an old fart. (Fudge, now I feel like the skinny girl telling everyone she is morbidly obese so people can feed her compliments)

I wish I had a cheesecake, but then I could be morbidly obese on top of being old. I need some virtual reality where I can stuff myself with a ton of virtual cheesecakes and not suffer the consequences. iCake, anyone?