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Kristi @ The Story Siren: In My Mailbox

The Story Siren‘s In My Mailbox meme: for book bloggers to share their book haul from the week, or month…or whatever. I was extremely busy last week, so I didn’t do an IMM. Actualy, I also busy this week…BUT I GOT SO MANY GOODIES, I couldn’t resist not showing them off sharing, including a brand new Kindle Touch I won from Jordan K. Rose‘s blog tour for her book Perpetual Light. (It was the grand prize and came with a copy of her book!) Seriously, sometimes I think I must’ve been a martyr in my previous life to be blessed with such luck… Finally my e-reader free days are over! But the feel of a physical book, the smell of a new book…will always be dear to me. Even if it’s heavier.

I just synced the Chinese edition of the The Hunger Games trilogy on the Kindle for my mom to read, since I can’t find a physical copy…online or off. She wanted to read the books after watching the movie, but I only have the English editions.

AND…another extra-exciting thing I received was Michael Olson’s Strange Flesh, a book I’ve been DYING to read since two months ago when I saw it on Goodreads. Simon & Schuster sent me the wrong book last week, and I admit I was disappointed: imagine ripping off a wrapping paper expecting the book you’ve been anticipating for weeks…only to get something else (granted, it was a free book, so I guess it’s a bonus?) I couldn’t help starting it even though I had exams and school projects to worry about. So far, I am only three/four chapters in, and it’s SOOOO GOOODDD. Now if only I can put down my Kindle long enough to continue.

ANDDDD…A gigantic box of desert goodies from Debbie’s. (I know it’s not book related, but I couldn’t resist) At first I thought it was board games, but it was 2 boxes of cakes, 1 box of brownies, and 2 bags of muffins. A wonderful surprise…and those blueberry muffins were delectable!

And now onto all the other goodies I received these past two weeks…


IMM#3-Library BooksIMM #3 BONUS

What did you get in your mailbox this week? Leave a comment, I would love to be nosy!


  • Croak (Croak, #1) by Gina Damico
    Only one book this weeks since I already have a towering TBR list…but I couldn’t resist.