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Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen

I wasn’t going to jump on the bandwagon, just that I kept seeing these The Hunger Games blog posts EVERYTWHERE this weekend, and then I realized how much I have to say about the movie. Besides, with all these blog posts I’ve been reading, I am starting to think all book bloggers have an obligation to watch the movie. I watched the movie with a couple of friends (most of them didn’t read the book, but knew I loved it) this Friday; I think it’s one of the few times I saw a movie on its opening day. SPOILER ALERT (but then again, this stuff doesn’t matter if you already read the book.)

Stuff I Liked

The Main Actors
I had my reservations with them since they didn’t seem like such big names, but I have to say I love them in their roles. Jennifer Lawrence makes a wonderful Katniss, though I have a bit of trouble believing she is only sixteen. I wasn’t really on any “team” (though I’ve alway leaned towards Peeta because I thought Gale was just too reckless), but Josh Hutcherson as Peeta takes the cake. I can’t believe he was the same guy from Bridge to Terabithia, and he’s only a year older. I always thought Liam Hemsworth was handsome though, but he wasn’t given much screentime to shine.

The Mockingjay Pin
I know they didn’t follow the book with it’s origin, but I thought it worked better as a gift from Prim than it was as a gift from the Mayor’s daughter.

I didn’t imagine her to look like that, I expected her a bit more frail. The bird cry struck a chord with me (maybe because it was used in the trailer?), I really hope they keep using it in the movie. She died faster than I anticipated, and I cried. It was no surprise since I cried with the book anyway and I am such a crybaby.

It is PG-13 so they downplayed the gore. I still had to wince and close my eyes during certain parts though.

Admittedly, I liked him. His confidence and scary demeanor made me tremble a bit. I imagined him to be much more buff for someone that apparently trained as a kid for this stuff, like bodybuilder style. I thought Rue’s district-mate, Thresh, was even stronger than Cato.

Stuff I Didn’t Like

Why are you so useless? I swear he was smarter during the Games in the book and didn’t just get hurt and need help all the time. The emotion hit me when Peeta said his mother had higher hopes for Katniss winning than she did of her own son.
You have to wonder where in the world he found the paint to do that elaborate, camouflage paint job.

Peeta’s Bread
They made it like Peeta’s mother was an evil woman who didn’t care if someone died.

Rue’s Bread
If I remember correctly, her district (Distrcit 11) raised money to buy bread to be sent to Katniss, but it didn’t happen in the movie. I wanted that scene, though the revolt scene was very poignant as well.

It’s a pity he didn’t have more to do in the movie. Every time he sowed up, everyone just felt sorry for him.

They never explained why he was drunk all the time. Hmph.

The Father’s Death
Not sure why he was there, to signal Katniss’ worries? A connection with her father? Impending death?

Stuff I Just Want to Talk About

The Technology in the Games
If they can just create trees and conjure up mutated werecats, do they still need the other districts to produce anything? How does their technology work anyway?

At two hours and twenty-two minutes, I thought it was a good length while my friends thought it was way too long. I guess this is what happens when you read the book though, everything seems condensed in a movie. My friends complained of a slow beginning, which I have to admit was somewhat true. If my friends would read the book and realize what they are missing…

Unfortunately, I don’t think any of the songs from the soundtrack (The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond) is actually in the movie. (Not even Taylor Swift’s Safe & Sound) But I did like the movie score, especially during the tense scenes. The complete silence in the beginning made me think of a horror film and something scary was going to pop out though.
I loved almost all tracks from the soundtrack and HIGHLY recommend: Maroon 5 ft. Rozzi Crane‘s Come Away To The Water, Neko Case‘s Nothing to Remember, and of course Taylor Swift‘s Safe & Sound

Reading the Book
Knowing what happens is good since you get all the backstory they left out, but at times it’s like “oh shoot, that guy is going to die, and that girl…and that girl…a good 90% of these people will be dead.”
When Katniss said she wasn’t having kids, I was like “oh no, you will have them.”
When the her score was going to show up I thought “11.”

In conclusion, I thought this was definitely an A movie and I am glad I watched it on its opening day. I feel so hipster now. I wish my friends would read the book instead of asking me what’s going on though.  I would love a sequel (and whatever they call the third movie, a sequel-sequel), but I fear it will go downhill like the books (I did like all of them, but the second two books just have the same action, albeit they were more poignant in other aspects).  The Hunger Games is just so hard to top that anything less would disappoint.